Cloud Management Solutions

Cloud Management Solutions

With cloud computing growing more complex and a wide variety of private, hybrid and public cloud-based systems and infrastructure already in use, a company’s cloud management strategy needs to be just as flexible and scalable as its cloud computing strategy. Apart from just managing the cloud technology landscape, the need of the hour is also to have experts that are trained in cross-platform technologies to address newer service delivery paradigms such as dev/ops, always-on infrastructure, etc. Accel ITS’ cloud management services includes Technology and advisory services for setup and management of an enterprise’s overall cloud infrastructure featuring: SLA driven service delivery and uptime, Security & Compliance, Auditing & 24x7 Management. Also, the Accel ITS team works closely with an enterprise’s IT and management team to jointly provide the most cost-efficient solutions, while ensuring that all the strategic and tactical IT & Service delivery goals of an organization are met.

Key Components of the Cloud management solutions, include:

Technology Advisory and Cloud Consulting

Infrastructure, Platfrom and Software – as – a- Service (Build, deploy & manage)

Managed DR & BCP Services – Native cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud

End-point or End-User Support – Cross platform, multi-device support services

Key highlights of the Solution

Hybrid solutions that feature On-prem and Native cloud environment management

Technology Partnerships and certified engineers with cross platform skills

Build & Deploy, from scratch – featuring compute, storage, network, security and system application infrastructure

24x7 Mangement – Hybrid and On-premise

Security solutions feature management of integrated security frameworks, across multiple cloud configurations (Hybrid, Private and Public Clouds)

Cost effectiveness built into the solutions – Pay, only for what you consume concept

Cloud Services

Accel offers a host of services to help organizations leverage and benefits of cloud computing. Our services are available for strategizing, procuring, provisioning, managing and tuning cloud deployments. We work with the customer to understand their requirement and arrive at a cost-efficient cloud infrastructure.

1) Cloud Consulting

More and more enterprises are moving their computing infrastructure to the cloud and there are a lot of unknowns in the process. With the ever-changing road map of computing, enterprises need to have clarity of objectives, performance and costs. We at Accel, work with our clients to assess the suitability of the cloud and provide all vital information that the CIO and CFO needs before taking the plunge. We help them choose the precise platforms, design the platform, secure the platform, migrate and go-live.
The primary benefits of working with are:

  • A holistic understanding of cloud readiness and requirement
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Scalable platform
  • Reduced complications and mistakes
  • Rapid implementation
  • Optimal Utilization

  • a) IT Transformation
  • b) Strategy Roadmap
  • c) Cost Optimization
  • d) Security and Risk Assessment
  • e) Performance Optimization

2) Managed Services

  • a) SLA Based services for Web, Mail, Database and other applications
  • b) High Availability Hosting
  • c) Infrastructure as a service
  • d) Platform as a service
  • e) Managed Security

3) Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • a) Backup as a Service (BaaS)
Your data and optionally application are backed up periodically to the public cloud or private cloud in a securely based on agreed RPO and RTO. Should the need arise, your data and application will be restored.
  • b) DR as a Service (DRaaS)
DRaaS is an elaborate and extensive service offer, wherein a cloud-based failover is established with frequent synchronization of data and application. Depending on the business need, the syncing frequency can vary from real-time to minutes, hours or days. In case of an eventuality, users login to the cloud instance of the application and continue operations.
DRaaS is a completely customizable service offering. Some of the advantages of DRaaS are:

  • Flexibility, Reliability, Scalability
  • Mobility and Portability
  • Optimal usage of operational resources
  • Rapid Recovery from disaster
  • Cost Savings

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